4 Ways to Charge your Phone When the Power is Out

Many times when a storm comes and heavy rainfalls you will see that for safety government shuts down all the power. With that, you might be safe from any shocks and other things but it can be bad for your mobile as we depend on it too much. So with all these things going on when power is out firstly you need is that make sure you consume less battery in this period of time.

How to do that?

Start with turning your phone to power saver mode

So when you do that you will see that your mobile data will be close the brightness will be down to the minimum and all the apps on the background will be closed. After that you can just some extra things from your sides that can even turn notification to silent, close all the running app from settings.

If power is not too much turn to Airplane mode

I would prefer that you put your phone in Airplane mode as even if your data is not running your sim still working that will consume some power too. So it would be better to just put your mobile phone on Airplane mode and only open when you really need to.

Now, these things that I told you will make sure that your phone now runs for longer than it was supposed to run. But sometimes the light is gone for days like 2 days or 3 days or maybe even more. That time no matter what you do it will run out, so what can you do to save your battery or maybe charge it again? Well, there are certain ways that can be used as an alternative to give you a charged phone, so let’s see.

Power bank: One of the useful gadgets ever invented is the power bank let you have extra battery life for your mobile. So make sure you get that power bank and be ready to charge it up.

Car: The chances of you owning a car is pretty good and if you have a car it will be useful for this moment. Get to your car pull out the car charger and get that car charger attached with your phone and charge as much as you can. It also running in battery so remember it will also take up your car battery and later it might give you problem starting. But a useful way of charging your phone and might be the best option after your power bank. So make sure to use it and don’t hesitate if you really need your phone charged. Just a tip while charging your phone make sure your phone is switched off when you are charging it, so you charge faster and save power.

Make your own charger: Take a battery with 2 points, that can be your AA batteries or your Duracell batteries that you will get. Then get your click pen that has as you will need it’s spring and take that standard car charger. So what you need is placed that string on one side of the car charger and connect your USB cable to that car charger. After that the point where the car charger goes in the tip on one side on the battery and the spring connecting the car charger on the other point of the battery. This will give you that extra power you will need, try sticking them together with tape so you don’t need to hold them together.

Try lemon charger: So this one that I’m telling you right now is not exactly the best way to do it and not going to give you much power. This way is only to be used as an alternative if you need an emergency and let someone know that you here and this happened and they can pick you up or at least you can inform them you are safe. Well, you can take 2 lemons get you some nails and thumb pins a metal or copper wire and a USB cable.

Now what you need to do is simply take those pins and nails, stick them inside not full as you will need to put wire too, stick them inside the lemon. Make sure to get at least 4 to 5 nails and pins in one lemon, after you done take the wire and with one end you connect all the thumb pin and nail of one lemon and on the 2nd part get 2nd lemon. After this, the other end connects with your USB cables and attached it with your phone charging point. You will see it will charge, but let me tell you it won’t charge fully actually it won’t even charge 10 per after 30min your lemon juice will also runs out and the power will be lost.

Like I said not a great way but is for an emergency.


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